Commercial Accounts

Commercial Accounts

Commercial Accounts are available to companies that utilize lubricants in the equipment they use in the operation of their business. This may be small commercial enterprises, such as an independent over-the-road trucker, or a lawn maintenance company. It may include a large industrial manufacturer with production equipment. And many enterprises in between.

The AMSOIL Commercial Program allows these customers to purchase product from AMSOIL at competitive prices and maintain a personal relationship with their AMSOIL servicing representative.

Any company that purchases lubricants for use in the vehicles or equipment the company uses may become registered with AMSOIL as a Commercial Account. Many companies require a large amount of lubricants to maintain their company vehicles, machinery and equipment. Trucking companies, taxi fleets, golf courses, farms, construction companies, manufacturing facilities, municipalities, and government agencies are all entities which qualify for commercial account status.

Commercial Accounts are not required to purchasing products in bulk, or even in case quantities. You can try just several cans of MP Spray Lube, or buy a case. Need a 55-gallon drum of oil? AMSOIL's Commercial pricing program is very competitive. Oil and air filters may be purchased individually. Most products are available in larger containers, including 30 gallon drums, 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, and larger bulk quantities.

AMSOIL has kept paperwork to a minimum. A one-page form is all it takes! An Account Application must be completed which provides AMSOIL with the necessary billing, shipping and other pertinent information. Click on the following Account Application Form for an Acrobat Reader Portable Document File Form that can be printed on your printer, filled in, and mail or fax it directly to AMSOIL (address and fax number is on the form) [This .pdf file is 284 kb, so please allow time for the file to load]:

Commercial Account Application 
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Commercial Accounts may not purchase AMSOIL products and re-sell them. For this reason, a Commercial Account Non-Resale Agreement must be signed. This Agreement is included on the Account Application. If you are sales tax exempt, a portion of the Commercial Account Application provides for inclusion of your State/Providence Registration or ID Number.

If you are a home based business, it is recommended that you include a copy of your yellow pages ad, a copy of a business card or brochure when you submit your Account Application. Individuals wanting to purchase AMSOIL product for their own use should consider becoming a Preferred Customer or Dealer. If it is evident that you are not a business enterprise, AMSOIL reserves the right to not grant Commercial Account Status.

As an AMSOIL Commercial Account, you can purchase any AMSOIL product at Commercial Prices. Simply call AMSOIL's toll-free order line and tell the operator what products you wish to order and provide your AMSOIL Account Number. You can charge your order on your Visa, Mastercharge, or Discover Card, or arrange delivery by COD. You may also order by mail pre-paying by check.

AMSOIL has a 30-day credit plan for qualified Commercial Accounts. Three trade references must be provided, as well as other financial information. If credit is denied by AMSOIL, a qualified Commercial Account may still purchase AMSOIL product by paying directly or by COD. Financial reports are required only when no other credit or trade references are available for AMSOIL to verify [This .pdf file is 286 kb in size, so please allow time for the file to load].

Confidential Credit Application 

AMSOIL will contact all three Trade References you list on the Credit Application. Include a fax number for each of your Trade References to speed credit approval. Note that if any Trade References do not respond to AMSOIL's inquiry, you will not be approved for credit. It often helps to contact the Trade References you list to ask them to cooperate with the AMSOIL inquiry. You will be contacted to provide additional Trade References if inquiries are not successful. If not approved for credit, you may still purchase AMSOIL products by credit card or COD.

Special pricing is afforded Commercial Accounts due to the volume of product purchases typical of such accounts. Contact us for pricing on particular products. Commercial Accounts are eligible for a purchase discount on their product orders. The discount is based on the total gross purchases (cumulative) during the previous twelve months or the order that is being placed, whichever is higher. This total is used to determine the discount on your order (USDA):


$0.00 to $499.99


$1,500.00 to $4,499.99


$4,500 to 7,499.99


$7,500.00 to 10,499.99


$10,500.00 to 15,499.99


$15,500.00 or more

AMSOIL will pay the full freight bill if your order totals $6,000.00 USD or more after discounts are applied and it is shipped to one destination. One-half of the freight bill will be paid by AMSOIL if the order totals from $3,000.00 USD to $5,999.99 USD after discounts are applied and it is shipped to one destination.

Please send us a copy of your Account Application and Commercial Agreement forms, or at least e-mail us to advise us that you have processed Account Application forms. We can then mail you a price list, some brochures and additional information on AMSOIL Products and Programs. We will also provide you with a Compact Disc (CD) with more than 150 scanned copies of product and application brochures, technical data sheets, and installation and maintenance instructions on various AMSOIL products. We will also include you on our mailing list for our newsletter. We will contact you so we may become familiar with your company and particular applications for our lubricants so as to better service your needs.

If you have a retail outlet, repair facility or other business where you intend on selling AMSOIL products to customers, consider applying for a Retail On-the-Shelf Account.

Should you for any reason not be able to view or print out the Commercial Account Application or Confidential Credit Application Forms, please do contact us and we will mail you printed forms for making application for Commercial Account status.

Your positive experiences with AMSOIL and AMSOIL products are important to us. We will work with you to assure you are pleased with AMSOIL products in whatever application you are involved.